What’s wrong with me (first version of the lyrics for the song “Welcome Back”)

You asked what’s wrong with me.
Well it’s hard to tell in a language that you’ll believe.
In fact is something like this:

I need to forget about myself, and that’s what this music gives me.
It’s not about money or chicks,
it’s not about being loved. (In spite of the fact that all those are great)
It’s only about losing myself,
it’s about forgetting who I became and about forgiving what I did wrong.
It’s about being young forever, or better:
about being something else than an ordinary man:
an angel without weight, with wings on my shoulders that can raise me over from my humble body.

I hope you understood it,
better I can’t tell what’s wrong with me.
It’s just something like this:

We are fucked up men playing for fucked up people like you.
What happened in our childhood is not important as what is happening now with our loneliness.
Now we are all different than ever,
now we are in fact ourselves.
This moment will not last forever, but we should act like it will.
If you forget what you usually do,
if you remembered now about your dreams,
It means that these air have some god vibrations, no matter what it smells like
no matter how is seems …

I hope you understood it,
it’s just like this.