We thank the following people: Birgit S, Claudia EcklCosmin, Dan C, Dana NicolescuDieter Mach, Dorin Secula, Dragoș Băltărețu, Emanuele IaconoEvelyne, Jean Paul Filiod, Lavinia DinuLucian Gornea, Lumi C, Matti Viren, Max The F, Mihai, Mr. D, Radu CazanRadu Pogaceanu, Raul Georgescu, Sigi TrostSizta S, Vlad and other 16 people who wanted to remain anonymous, for the great help they have given us. The order in which the names are written above is pure alphabetical because it is not right to make a top of generosity. We assure each of our backers that if we will meet them, anywhere and anytime from now on, we will start by saying: Thank You! 

In November 2017 we started to record the debut album of our band that bears the name of the Transylvanian mythological character Totscus. The recordings took us almost 100 hours of studio, scattered over 7 months… the studio hours were offered to us by the courtesy of our friend Jaki, so we recorded in short steps, when he had time for us. The recordings and mixing were made completely in an analogical manner, no DAW, no plug-ins… when something went wrong, we had to do it again in the old way.

The mix was made by Jaki with our assistance and feedback until the end of August 2018.

In September we had the mastering done and no money to produce the physical CD.

On 3rd of October we started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter platform. Hundreds of messages and e-mails sent … a lot of them without any response, others with criticism or irony … it was a tormenting but also extraordinary experience and I would recommend those who want to try this (funding their own projects) to read another article on our site.

On 25th of October our campaign was successfully ended. We are more than happy, not only because less than 2 out of 10 similar campaigns are successful, but especially because, thanks to the help of the above mentioned people, we have gained at least 6 months.
YES! 6 months from our life, this is the great value of your help!

What should I say more?
Our next album will be greater because of you!
We are now better persons because of your kindness!
Words can not describe all that should be said …

on my behalf and my colleagues Chris & Georg, THANK YOU!
P. Grimm – the storyteller