I, Chris and Georg, went to an open air festival in September 2017. We were already a trio and we were in that period when the bond grows in between the band mates.  Several Austrian bands on that stage: Lausch and Mother’s Cake as headliners. More than thousand people there.

They needed our time and money in other directions.

It was nice, sitting on the grass, drinks and stuff – Austrian style is a kind of a cool and relaxed approach of life. After a while I asked myself: What’s wrong with all those people from the audience? Why aren’t they somewhere else,  watching TV, eating somewhere fancy or at last resting for the next working day?  I am playing for some years. Earlier was a greater interest for rock music than today. Not long ago seemed like the Masters of Society turned off the button for rock music and slowly the crowd began obediently to consume soap-opera-forms of art. It was like somebody wanted to make us to spend our time and money in other directions.

Nobody can fool us because we are already fucked up!

That’s me: always questioning everything. Sometimes I enjoy life though! Being there and oscillating between wondering and enjoying, the answer finally went to me: I, my band mates, the performing bands and all these people, we have something in common! During our life something happened and made us different than the rest. Some might have been endured an abusive parenting style. Others were bullied in school. Maybe some just did something so wrong that the effects of what they did changed their life. It is not so important “what happened?” as it is important “what changed?” We were put in a particular situation that gave us a different perspective. That’s why we are different! Nobody can bullshiting us because we are already fucked up!

This air have some good vibes, no matter how it smells and what it seems.

Then and there I wrote the lyrics on a memo on my phone. Two months later Georg came with some new riffs. As usual the Totscus process to write a song was alembicated. The lyrics version from the song are a bit different from what I have written then but they speak about the same thing. A part of the original text is here.