How to make a song as a rock band is not easy to explain. Lady Caine was one of the first five songs we’ve made. Because we were in the first period of a band, when the mates are tuning spiritually themselves with each other, the time taken to reach the album version was quite long… actually was finalized during recording sessions. Here I will speak more about the meaning of this song, basically about bad decisions.

Cash is the God!

This story took me back in a place of my past where Cash was the God. There, a young man without rich parents has to do strange things. Otherwise there were no chances. Strange things lead to extreme situations. Extreme situations reveal stuff about yourself that you didn’t know it exist. In the end you might discover that this is not the life you want, but you just can’t get out. This is the story without details.

A part of the song consumes me each time I play it.

The song was made in the same way as most of our songs, only the lyrics came quickly. Georg started with some riffs. Chris came with some unexpected grooves. Everything else just flowed. The slow part after the first refrain transported me in a very painful and vulnerable state of mind where almost forgotten memories revived…  This part of the song is still very consuming for me each time when we perform this song.

When you think you’re out of the shit, the life strikes back.

A hint of those personal details? Well, in private, after a couple of drinks I might give you some, but here, in writing mode, I rather let your imagination run… I’m just saying that there was a violent place and time. Several universes coexist in a big city. A couple of actions, bad decisions and… Damn! You just slid from one universe to another. To slide back is hard as impossible. And just when you think you’ve made it, life will strike back.

The serpent that bites his own tail.

The lyrics were made in real time during the first two rehearsals. What I love in this band is that we influence each other in the song making process. Georg riffs and Chris grooves made me sing a certain line. Somehow memories revive and there comes the theme. Then, the way I sing and the theme about I sing changes the way they play. Is like that serpent that bites his own tail until is created a perfect circle.