Here is how we made the song “Get Your Demons Out!

Even this was not the first song that we’ve finished, it was the very first song that we started. It happened in October 2016 at my very first rehearsal with the band. Georg start playing the riff, Chris and the bass player started looking for the grooves. I came later with the refrain chords …

Funny things about this song

Two things were funny about this song: 1st is how was born the drum & bass part overlapped with crazy harp & guitar solos and 2nd is how the lyrics were made.

The sound in that rehearsal room was shitty. During first playing, it was something very bad, like somebody played completely wrong. I said: Wait a little! Can you play just the bass & drum? Chris and the bass player started and then it was clear for me: The bass was completely out of the rhythm and everything else …   I thought to myself: Shit! Without a good rhythmical section a band has no future! What I am going to do?

On the verge of a depression

I was like from about five months moved to Vienna. No band, no job, no friends and on the verge of depression. In that moment I was tempted to say bye. Immediately my alter-ego said to myself: You need this: once a week playing music. At least the drummer is good, maybe the bass player will grow… 

I said then to my new band mates: I think we should make a drum & bass part in this song! I mean what else could be better to improve the bass line than to make him play only with the drums?

The magic flow came from the air

He finally made a decent bass line but was not enough to stand alone. The harp and guitar solo over this part came somehow magical flowing. The tricky thing was only to find the proper way out back to the refrain. That took us some time. Actually we found it during the recording sessions of our album.

Good to know:

The actual bass line in this song has little in common with what was in the first version. That’s it! Is all about evolution, being better! About the lyrics it is another story.