I said earlier that there are two funny things about making this song, and one of them is how the lyrics were made.

Rationality is a two sided sword, it might kill the true feelings.

If there are no other options, we record the rehearsals with a smartphone. When you create your own songs there are a lot of spontaneous played ideas that you might forget. The feelings played first are the strongest. In the end you have to be rational and to arrange everything in the song but rationality is a two sided sword, it might seize the pure creativity and replace it with a forceps-like one.

It was like somebody put those words into my mouth.

This song took two months to reach a final structure. After that we needed a story (lyrics). I went then back to the first recordings and I discovered that the mumbling that I made at the first recordings had some sense … Basically I just sang syllables back then, but those sounded later like words: Why you cry instead? Why waste those tears? There are many reasons … All those words I found when I listened again the first takes. It was like somehow those words spontaneously went out from my mouth.

In the end it went somewhere in between love and exorcism.

“Let’s make a new scene now! Let’s get your demons out!” screaming was spoken during the 3rd session for this song. I wanted to invite my band mates to start a different part there. Immediately Georg started to play and I followed him for the first time in what later become the crazy harp & guitar solo. From the first time I felt it somehow like an exorcising process, with all those screams whimpers and wailings.

Good to know:

My life was full of extreme experiences. Yes, all kind of them! By transposing those random syllables into lyrics I went back mentally several years ago in a time when I was in love with a strange but with a lot of “quelqe-chose” girl.  We had everything, from tears to ecstatic moments. After writing the first draft (was like 30 minutes) I took a pause and I opened my mobile. In the mean time Georg sent me some lyrics for the same song. I read them and I said: Wtf! It’s like he went with the same girl!  A part of his lines were better than I managed to tell about that relation. So I replaced a part of my original text and here we are: Song ready!