You can hear my breath behind the harp sound.

For the most of you that know what you can do with a DAW: this album was recorded without a DAW. An old Tascam was the main gear with its clear limitations. There are no plugins and digital enhancements. The drums sounds are real, just a result of the drummer skills + drums mechanical set-up + microphones setup. You can feel my breath behind the harmonica sound in “Get your Demons Out!” The harp was played through a hi-gain amp. Yes! Just the amp and the harmonica microphone.

We recorded all songs by playing all the way through.

For the ones which don’t know the difference between recording in DAW era vs. pre-DAW era: We recorded all songs by playing them all the way through. We used our ears to pick the right frequencies and to avoid the bad ones. Everything was played in real time and had come into recording via microphones. All the post-processing & mixing was through old school buttons except mastering. Mastering was 100% digital.

Like believing that you will personally meet Santa

We recorded this material thanks to our friend Jaki, without paying him… for now. He owns a small studio and he offered us his help. He is also a great musician. He never said it but I think his expectations regarding the payment are like believing that in one day you will personally meet Santa. I hope we will sell enough to be able to reimburse him. We will try, at least! It will be hard because the game rules are changed. The new rules are like digital marketing: full of random bullshit … you already seen how your SM accounts works … Be aware of the programmers!

We did some things that the designers of Tascam didn’t imagined

The whole recording process was painful for both: for the band (and notably for me) as well as for Jaki. I did some recordings way long ago with this technology but due to the last 7 years experiences, my mind was completely set up for DAW’s process and possibilities. Jaki was completely against anything outside pre-DAW era. In the end he was forced to do some things that the designers of Tascam didn’t imagined. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the old way process.

For the sake of album quality I went over my pride and let someone else play the bass

During the recordings Jaki asked us if he can record the bass. To play live is one thing, to record it is something else. I play the bass on our rehearsals and I structured all the bass lines but I know I am a sloppy player, so I accepted. It was a good decision! In the end we got ourselves more than a studio session musician. Jaki started to perform with us on stage in most of the live performances… he still doesn’t come and work with us on the song making … not yet!