They told me: “A Girl can’t be a drummer!”

I wanted to be a drummer since I was 11. Excited about this I told everybody… the answers? a girl can’t be a drummer“.

At the age of 11 you believe the others, so I learned a more accurate instrument for a girl (9 years of education in classical music). Contrast program: Sitting for hours in my room and listening to rock music (!!!).
When I was 22 I told a really good friend the story about „a girl can‘t be a drummer“. His answer? „Why don’t you do it now?“ Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass.

Stuck in the head / Stubborn

The idea was stuck in my head. I already knew that I’m a little bit different and that I’m somehow stubborn… when I really want something I will do everything to get it.

I started to learn drums with a lot of difficulties. No money, no room for a drum kit. Only way out: to start very basic. For 4 months I did nothing other than training my hands with paradiddle exercises and other stuff. Yes – you have to be crazy when you want to be a drummer!

Feels like coming home

And then: What a day… X-Mas, Birthday, Kissing-in-the-rain-day… everything together! I bought myself a drum kit!

From this day on I trained and trained and … for hours, days. weeks, months.

It felt like coming home when I sat behind the kit. Of course I struggled a lot. Everybody who tried it once thinks wtf… how do they manage to play with all arms and legs? Often I think the most common word that a drummer uses is F**k.

But I went further. I managed this because I’m stubborn. If you ask me what you need to be a good drummer you have to be stubborn, tough and you must have the ability to feel the music


8 years a drummer

After 1 year: my first band, an all female fun-punk band. And we had a lot of fun!

After 2 years: I educated female beginners on the drums

After 3 years: my second band. Some grunge style, only a trio… I like to play as a trio.

After 5 years: my third band. Also a trio but more experimental

Living in a town with about 85.000 inhabitants where one third are students and to be a female drummer is like you are known all over the town.

The moment when you sit in the waiting room of your dentist, reading the newspaper and suddenly you see a portrait of yourself with a write-up of your last gig is priceless but also scaring.

Of course then came a break but this is another story… So if anybody tells you “you can’t” prove them wrong and do it.

                                                                                               You can! Always! Believe in yourself!