“Our songs are made out of our emotions to blow peoples minds spectacularly!”

The sound of Austrian band Totscus combines heavy grunge riffs with flavors of ska, stoner and progressive rock. The Vienna-based band’s frontman Peter Grimm sings and screams the stories of love, life and things beyond the senses on the catchy riffs of the main songwriter Georg and the psychedelic grooves of the female drummer Christiane Seeger. Since 2019 permanently solid-grounded by the bass of Max Ferschl.

On the drums

Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Peter Grimm



They met first in 2016, each of them looking for a new band in which they can better express their feelings and life experiences in original songs. After several gigs in Austria they are considered one of the most promising upcoming bands.

Their show is a succession of momentums with multiple knock-outs which trip the audience somehow in between of a psychological therapy and euphorically entertainment. So you should expect to be dragged inside your hidden dimness in alternation with moments that makes you to shake your head and limbs.

In August 2018 they finished the recordings of their first album: Something Like This, which comprise 9 original songs and was released in October 2018. The prolific bond between the three is already confirmed by several new songs ready for the 2nd album.


Peter Grimm – vocals, bass, harp, guitar

Georg – guitar, backing vocals

Christiane Seeger – drums, backing vocals

Max Ferschl – bass

Session live/studio musician:

Jaki – bass